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Blue Skies

                                       Medicine Bow Peak the incredible view we have everyday “Blue Skies” Susan and I were driving into Laramie listening to 70’s, 80’s music, and in our sight was the mountain range    with blue skies. It was what we call a bluebird day with the skies being radiant and I was awestruck that God orchestrated this beauty as a reminder that in Him all things are created for Him.  The mountains were in plain view as Susan and I drove home. I couldn’t help but Praise God thinking about what He has done and what He is doing in mine, Tim’s, momma’s,and Susan’s live’s.  We had just spent 12 days in Iowa, helping momma get settled in her new forever home with mine and Tim’s daughter, Darah and Tyler’s family. It is a precious set up with momma having a beautiful suite in their home. It has been named, “Alice’s Palace”. She is being well cared for by Darah,Tyler, and their 6 children. This gives Susan and I great comfort that momma is being well taken care of phy

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